Kate d, 44

I have trained with Kim since 2008.  She has worked with me through chronic illness, two babies, and now finally stable health.  What impresses me most about Kim is the ability she has shown to train through a wide variety of situations.  When mobility was an issue she amended our workouts to adjust to the injuries, after the birth of my babies she got me back to my pre-baby self, and now our workouts have become much more intensive.  I have watched my body transform into a strong and much more leaner self as she is continually changing up the routine and keeping it fun.

I look forward to my morning workouts with Kim.  She has a wealth of nutritional knowledge, supplemental exercise and cardio ideas to be done outside of the gym, and is all around entertaining and interesting to be with.  The days I workout with Kim I am more energetic and feel much happier then the days I do not.

I also enjoy the facility that she trains at.  Everyone is one on one with their own trainer, focused on themselves and their own workouts.  It never feels crowded and am never in the position of needing to wait to use equipment.  They also keep the gym clean which is important check box for me.

Leslie T, 57

I started working with Kim after being sidelined for a few years, due to a health issue.  Kim is compassionate and passionate about her work and her clients.  She keeps track of my progress and, after only six weeks, I have already increased my strength and gained confidence in my workouts.  She watches closely to make sure my form is good and corrects in a positive manner.  Kim is great at modifying an exercise if particular movement causes pain; she wants to make sure I don’t get injured.  Every workout is different so my body doesn’t get used to it, and I am not bored by doing the same thing over and over. Kim is a fantastic motivator and loves sharing stories about exercise and good nutritious food. I’m enjoying getting back in shape and getting my life back, especially with Kim’s help!

Lisa n, 57

Kim has been my trainer, and my husband's trainer, for over 6 years (with occasional drop-ins by our daughters when they are in town).  I started with Kim after a major accident and rehab.  Kim knew how to build up my muscles, modify what I couldn't do until I could do it, and encourage me to do my best and more.  My elbow surgeon told me after my accident that I shouldn't use anything more than 10 lb. weights.  Well, now I'm deadlifting over 100 lbs., have greatly increased flexibility and stamina, and feel better than I ever have.  On top of it, Kim's fun to be with, a great listener and an all around great human being.  Here's to the next 6 years, Kim...thank you!

Mike h, 52

After a summer back injury I struggled to exercise without causing my back pain to flare up.  My wife had been training with Kim for several years and encouraged me to meet with her.  I was skeptical that I would be able to do much in the gym, but I began twice weekly workouts with Kim.  Since I began training with Kim 5 months ago I have experienced a noticeable increase in my strength and flexibility.  Kim has taught me techniques to release tight muscles and given me the confidence to increase my activity level without fear of reinjury.  Kim is very good at listening to my concerns and finding novel pain-free ways to increase my strength.  After only 5 months of training with Kim I am stronger than I have been in many years.  I highly recommend Kim as a trainer.

ANDY K, 49

Kim is an exceptional trainer.  I first began training with Kim seven years ago to address chronic back pain (I had, also, recently "thrown out" my back) and, otherwise, to get back in shape and keep up with my growing kids.  Before I began training with Kim, my idea of a strength-training workout comprised a few sets each of bench press, bicep curls, sit-ups and squats, and my aerobic exercise came from [basic/conventional/boring] running and swimming.  Over the years, Kim has taught me an incredible array of strength and conditioning exercises, most of which involve engaging multiple connected muscle groups- which also turns out to be both more interesting and more productive.  Her deep knowledge of proper form, body mechanics and nutrition provide for a safe and highly educational training experience.  She has developed specific training programs for me to prepare for various activities, including golf, surfing, skiing, soccer and, most recently, my first Spartan race!   Since I began training with Kim, I have been relatively pain-free and am certainly more confident about participating in physical activities that I last enjoyed in my 20s and before.

MARV C, 81

I play tennis six days a week, do cardio training six to seven days a week, and collaborate with Kim to focus on what is missing in my fitness equation.  Kim tailors my program to improve my strength and mobility, for both sports performance and to prevent injuries.

I had knee replacement surgery four years ago and need to keep the supporting muscles strong.  I also need to continually improve my core strength and flexibility. As disciplined as I am, I need Kim to keep me focused on these important elements of a complete fitness program.  Kim has kept me injury-free and on top of my game for the past 6 years. You cannot find a better trainer!